Pet Doors for Houston Dogs & Cats

Doggie-Do-Rite has been professionally installing dog doors and cat doors for many of the years we have been a professional pet containment company. Our expert staff knows the ins and outs of almost any brand of pet door available. We recommend and specialize in certain brands of pet doors because of their durable features, extensive warranties and USA manufacturing.

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Why Use Pet Doors

Giving your dog or cat the freedom of a pet door goes hand in hand with the freedom and peace of mind of having a pet fence. Say goodbye to scratched doors, ruined carpets and messy litter trays! We choose to provide Plexidor™ brand pet doors for the same reason we provide Pet Stop brand pet fencing – we believe in using the very best, USA Made products.

A few benefits of owning a pet door for your dog or cat:

  • Gives your pet more exercise
  • Allows the progression of potty training
  • Reduces the risk of urinary tract infection
  • Eliminates untimely requests to be let outside
  • Gives your pets the freedom of the outdoors and fresh air

Available Pet Doors

Plexidor™ Performance Door Units

We can mount these pet doors in any type of house door, sliding glass door, or window! Durable and with several options available – allow your pets to come and go as they please.

Plexidor™ Performance Wall Units

If a door unit isn’t an option, our durable aluminum frame tunnels through walls! These pet doors can be installed into brick, block, stucco, cement, etc. exterior walls.

Plexidor™ Electronic Pet Doors

Provides more convenience, security, and animal access control. You could say that this is the “ultimate pet door”. Give your pet their very own “key” to your home, allowing them to come and go as they please while keeping other animals out!

The Installation Process:

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